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Is robaxin available over the counter in canada. So i thought would do like this and share. "This medication is used to treat people with excessive hyperactivity." So where does this "hyperactivity" come from, i ask you? This is such a common response i see from children with this disorder that i have to question. Does this hyperactivity just magically appear when the child gets his/her hands on any stimulant? You cannot change the genes of a child. You cannot make them hyperactive. It's no more a drug problem or disease. This is so wrong. "This medication is used to treat people experiencing excessive agitation, anxiety or depressed mood." Hyperkinetic disorder is not uncommon. It buy robaxin 750 mg uk probably less common than ADHD and it is very treatable. "This medication is used to treat people with bipolar II disorder." The bipolar type is not a valid diagnosis. It is in fact a different mental disorder. "Dose selection is necessary to provide a safe and effective treatment." What is dose selected, exactly? "Safe and effective?" What exactly is that supposed to mean? Is this another case of a psychiatric pharmacist telling parents to give away their children? "While the clinical results are promising, trials of limited capacity to evaluate safety and effectiveness." So is there any point to this? Have we really lost my son's case? "Parents with hyperactive children can now take these medications with confidence and knowing that this medication is not misused." Well that explains why so many children who should have been medicated for hyperactivity don't receive meds. It's obvious this is a medical myth. What would you tell those children who receive this misinformation? I'd suggest they use that money to actually get some stimulant treatment for their disorder. those who think this is about saving money and children are being denied treatment, I ask you to research it. No child, in your opinion, should be denied treatment for mental disorders. If it were really about cost and safety, medication would be routinely prescribed for ALL mental disorders. A word of caution: Parents should not be encouraged by drug companies to use medication for mental disorders. My child went through the same thing with his first drug. So let's not start now? This is a medical myth that needs to be debunked, and unfortunately drug medical professionals have too much power and money at their disposal to prevent more parents from having their children diagnosed with psychopathy. Please spread the message of this website to your friends and family. If you care about your child, why risk being scammed? go through the unnecessary pain and suffering? If you have ADHD or other problems, please find an appropriate treatment. That's more valuable to your child than a drug made of false claims. I'm hopeful that these companies will stop misrepresenting this as a drug that will help your child. P.S. Many of us don't need their products, we have money for them and we don't think they deserve our children. are not real doctors and scientists can't provide real science and medicine. "We look forward to hearing from our members as we continue to develop this valuable resource." The ADHD group on website is being shut down and they have responded to my complaints. You can visit their website at Do not buy the FadShop, they're just another drug company selling medications that have been disproven for the symptoms listed. I'm now waiting for my son to be diagnosed and told I need a new drug to treat HIM. P.S. My email, which was used to establish the.

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